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Welcome to the GeSI blog where we will keep you updated on our activities and projects as well as the most salient sustainability issues of today. We would welcome your feedback and comments. Be part of the discussion on how ICT is enabling sustainability!

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Luis Neves

Luis Neves

GeSI Chairman/Group Climate Change and Sustainability Officer, Deutsche Telekom

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Malcolm Johnson

Malcolm Johnson

Deputy Secretary-General

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Tim Fleming

Tim Fleming

Director – Enterprise Sustainability, AT&T

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Lee Stewart

Lee Stewart

Head of Sustainability, Oceania - Fujitsu Australia Limited

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Interview with Carmen Hualda, CSR Manager at Atlinks Holding

Carmen Hualda | June 14, 2017

Atlinks Holding is the winner of this year’s Leadership Index in the Manufacture & Assembly of ICT Equipment sector (SMEs). We speak to their CSR-QHSE Manager, Carmen Hualda.

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The opportunity of ICT in the German efforts against climate change

Luis Neves | February 22, 2016

Germany is well known in Europe and in the world as one of the countries at the forefront of the fight to climate change. Since the 90s, the country has set very ambitious objectives to decrease greenhouse emissions and decarbonize its power supply. By 2050, the country wishes to have achieved reduction of greenhouse gas emission between a 80% to 95%compared to 1990 levels. To support the road to this important but not easy goal, mid-term targets were also put in place: a 40% decrease in emissions by 2020 and a 55% decrease by 2030.

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Is the ICT industry really climate friendly? An insider replies

Jan Kristensen | December 9, 2015

Climate change is one of the most complex challenges facing people, businesses and governments. Telenor Group has contributed to the SMARTer2030 report demonstrating that ICT based technology and services can help solve many of the world's challenges, including climate change.

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Cloud Computing’s Environmental Impact: “We’re just getting started…”

Dan Williams | November 13, 2015

We recently released our new Cloud Computing Impact App ( ) analysing the environmental impact of using cloud computing. The App aims to drive positive environmental change by using cloud computing services. It allows you to communicate complex scientific facts in a simple and effective manner.

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Driving a sustainable future through ICT: GeSI launches #SMARTer2030 report in Brussels

GeSI Staff | October 29, 2015

After its launch in Bonn on 10 June and its presentation in the US during Climate Week NY, SMARTer2030 was officially presented in Brussels on Wednesday 28 October in the course of an event jointly organized by GeSI and ETNO, the European Telecommunication Operators’ Association, which is also a GeSI Board member.

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How ICT can advance multi-sector solutions to decouple economic growth from carbon emissions

GeSI Staff | October 1, 2015

On September 24, 2015, business leaders, policymakers and non-profits joined GeSI, the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), and UN Habitat for the First Annual New York Climate Week Industry and Technology Forum, sponsored by Microsoft.

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The transformational role of ICT in The New Urban Agenda

Matilda Gennvi-Gustafsson | May 4, 2015

Next year in Quito, Ecuador, the United Nations will hold its third United Nations Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development, also known as Habitat III. Habitat II was held 19 years ago, in 1996, in Istanbul, and Habitat I was held 1976.

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GeSI kicks off 2015 human rights work programme

Chris Lloyd | April 10, 2015

On March 18, GeSI hosted the first face-to-face meeting of its Human Rights Committee and Stakeholder Advisory Group.

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Louder and Prouder

Kevin Moss | January 15, 2015

Late last year I attended COP20 in Lima for BT and had the opportunity to represent GeSI on a UNFCCC Momentum for Change panel on ICT Climate Solutions. I shared the stage with two of the most prominent global voices in the climate change space; Former US Vice President Al Gore and Laurence Tubiana,

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Family reunion gossip: what really happens when…

Roman Smith | December 19, 2014

Last month, AT&T hosted the Global e-Sustainability Initiative (GeSI) Assembly at our headquarters in Dallas, TX. We welcomed a room full of the world’s leading service providers and vendors from the ICT (Information Communication Technology) sector. In other words, sustainability heavyweights from around the world.

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It's time to deploy this special weapon on climate change

Christiana Figueres | Luis Neves | December 16, 2014

We are here to tell you a secret that we feel needs to be told: there is a special weapon in the fight against climate change. Information and communications technology (ICT) solutions are transforming the way we do business, run our cities, spend our leisure time, access information and keep in touch with friends and family -- but they also play an increasingly pivotal role in addressing climate change and building more resilient communities.

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