Through our many activities and projects GeSI is committed to sustainability actions and outcomes. Our members and partners use their collective knowledge and experience to identify opportunities and develop solutions for improving energy and resource efficiency, reducing carbon emissions and footprints, ensuring sustainable practices in the supply chain through the promotion of social and environmental standards, encouraging access to sustainable ICT technologies, and supporting ICT-enabled transformation across all industries and sectors around the globe.

Since GeSI’s creation in 2001, we have:

  • Promoted good conduct and developed tools, management practices and processes to deal with corporate responsibility risks in the ICT supply chain;
  • Increased the transparency and traceability of the supply chain to reduce the risk of “conflict minerals” linked to human rights abuses ending up in ICT products;
  • Supported the development of common industry standards to accelerate the market availability of more energy efficient ICT products, architectures and practices;
  • Developed standards and methodologies to measure the environmental impact of ICT including the enablement potential;
  • Commissioned seminal research on ICT and sustainability to guide policymaking and inform the debate;
  • Engaged policy-makers and other stakeholders to promote the role of ICT in enabling the  transition to a low-carbon economy;
  • Built capacity for e-waste management among policymakers and SMEs in developing countries;
  • Raised awareness about GeSI’s thought leadership and commitment to sustainability through the organisation of stakeholder seminars and conferences.


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