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Momentum for Change: the Active Role of ICT

The world is facing incredible environmental challenges to make it liveable for future generations and we know now that ICT can be part of the solution.

To increase awareness on the massive potential of ICT, GeSI is partnering with Momentum for Change, a program launched by the UNFCCC to highlight the most impressive initiatives toward a highly resilient and low-carbon future.

To highlight initiatives implemented around the world, the Momentum for Change is recognizing them as "Lighthouse Activities". A call for applications is launched every year. To learn more about the most recent projects, click here.

Momentum for Change focuses on 4 different topics:

  • Urban Poor: climate actions can also improve livelihoods
  • Women for Results: women play an essential role in taking action against climate change
  • Financing for Climate Friendly Investment: recognizing successful and innovative climate-smart activities
  • ICT Solutions: ICT plays a critical role in tackling climate change. Increasing awareness of ICT-based solutions and their potential to reduce emissions can help facilitate supportive policies enabling innovation and positive change. The ICT focus area was officially included in the Momentum for Change initiative at the UN COP19 in Warsaw in November 2013. Click here to know more.


(Christiana Figueres, Executive Secretary of the UNFCCC, with UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon at COP19 – Photo courtesy of UNFCCC – All rights reserved)