GeSI is committed to sustainability actions and outcomes. Our governance style is characterised by transparency and inclusiveness with an emphasis on leveraging the collective participation of the many experts in our member and partner organisations. Six GeSI working groups- Communications, Climate Change, Energy Efficiency, e-Waste, Public Policy and Supply Chain- foster collaborative and innovative approaches to social and environmental sustainability.

Our members and partners use their collective knowledge and experience to identify opportunities and develop solutions to address issues in both developed and developing nations to quickly and effectively respond to issues such as climate change, energy efficiency, e-waste management, resource efficiency, responsible supply chain practices, labour rights and public policy.

Below our members and partners have shared their individual perspective on how they are benefiting from participation in GeSI activities and the added value thereof.

    Türk Telekomünikasyon A.?. (TTAS) is a fixed line operator in the EMEA region which has 15 million fixed access lines and 7 million broadband lines. It is a great pleasure for TTAS to work with GeSI towards achieving a sustainable future. We have gained a lot of knowledge from the coopera...


  • VEON
    Veon is one of the world largest integrated telecommunications services operators and is committed to operating responsibly and making a contribution to a more sustainable world. There is increasing focus on the role of business in society and expectations of corporate behaviour are constantly...


    Verizon is pleased to be associated with GeSI and its members. GeSI is recognized as a thought leader and produces credible primary research on the role of Information Communication Technology (ICT) and broadband in promoting energy efficiency. Our membership provides us with the opportunity to coll...


  • ZTE
    As one of the world’s leading telecommunication vendors, ZTE Corporation emphasizes its corporate social responsibility and dedicates its efforts to furthering green activities. ZTE’s CEO has stated the following:  "with its green commitment, ZTE Corporation will be based on sustain...


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