Benefits of using E-TASC for ICT procurement organizations 

ICT Sector

Questionnaires are customized to cover specificities of main ICT categories (e.g. “Network Equipment”, “Electronics”, “Handsets”,…) allowing procurement professionals to better assess specific risks and/or opportunities.

 Access to Reliable Information

Supplier responses to questionnaires and supporting documentation are reviewed by expert CSR analysts, the methodology is supervised by a scientific committee, and continually maturing inline with major international sustainability standards.

 Drive Improvement

Online Corrective Action Plan and support services will facilitate the monitoring of improvement plans.

 Onboarding support

EcoVadis is providing an integrated service comprising suppliers onboarding, and data analysis, allowing buyers to focus on strategic activities.

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Benefits for GeSI Suppliers using E-TASC 

Easy Process

Rather than lengthy SAQ questionnaires, suppliers benefit from shorter “smart” questionnaires which are adapted to their profile (e.g. sector, size, countries of operation), and are able to leverage their existing documentation to avoid data entry

 Feedback on CSR Performance

The scorecard offers extensive feedback for for both suppliers and customers on their CSR practices with a rating on 4 themes (environment, social, ethics and supply chain), and the detail of its company strengths and areas for improvement.

 Share with a Network of Customers

Suppliers to GeSI member companies using E-TASC can select the members within the Sector Initiative with whom they want to share the results of the assessment. Unselected members will only see limited supplier information (company name, country HQ, sector). Suppliers can also share their scorecard with other industry customers at no additional cost.

 Showcase Innovations

EcoVadis sustainability scorecards are not only a risk management tools but also allow suppliers to highlight innovative CSR practices, and differentiate from competition.

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