Frequently Asked Questions

What are the overall benefits of the new E-TASC system?

The migration of E-TASC to the EcoVadis platform offers better opportunities to monitor continuous improvement of suppliers CSR performance. The new E-TASC system will allow GeSI member companies and their suppliers to share scorecards, Corrective Action Management Plans (CAP) and supporting documents in one centralized location. In the coming months, the new system will support a standardized approach for Learning and Capability Building and Audits.


Simple: A brand new interface will facilitate user adoption. Shorter questionnaires will ensure a smooth transition from the former platform, and results will be presented as a one page scorecard.

 Reliable: Instead of a basic SAQ, the Supplier’s answers and supporting documentation will now be validated by EcoVadis CSR analysts.

 Global: Platform available in multiple languages and international supplier engagement team will facilitate Supplier’s adoption (95 countries already covered).

Do we have to use the system?

GeSI does not mandate the use of E-TASC to its members, however most GeSI companies will utilize the system to manage their supply chain. Most GeSI companies will require that their suppliers complete the assessment in E-TASC and update information as needed to maintain a valid scorecard.

Does GeSI provide guidelines for what member companies expect from suppliers?

GeSI has formalized a set of guidelines to help promote safe and fair working conditions as well as responsible, social, environmental and ethics management by promoting sustainability standards across all GeSI Member’s supply chain.

While individual GeSI members may have unique requirements, companies and their suppliers are encouraged to implement the requirements contained in these guidelines and go further in implementing key performance indicators (KPI’s) to measure progress.

The use of the E-TASC tool will support companies to measure their performance and track improvements against the topics outlined in these guidelines.

GeSI Management System Guidelines
GeSI Environmental Guidelines
GeSI Labor Guidelines
GeSI Health & Safety Guidelines
GeSI Ethics Guidelines

Is E-TASC another SAQ?

No, E-TASC goes far beyond an SAQ, and provides an independent 3rd party rating of supplier CSR management systems. Users can manage assessment, Audit Reports, CSR documentation and access sector benchmarks, personalized reports and other support tools to help improve performance.

How much will it cost GeSI Member Companies to use E-TASC?

GeSI member companies will receive a special discount off of the standard EcoVadis annual fees. To find out the agreed upon fees, please click here

How much will it cost the Supplier to use E-TASC?

E-TASC usage costs are shared between customers and suppliers. Suppliers to GeSI member companies can subscribe and use the system for fees starting at €480 per year (details here). Fees are payable upon subscription to the system with either a credit card or a wire bank transfer. Information may not be shared with others until the fees are paid.

Do Suppliers need a subscription for each facility/site?

No, contrarily to the former system, the new E-TASC does not require a payment for each site. However you might be required by customers to register various legal entities (Divisions, Business Units).

Can Suppliers use the SAQ that I completed previously?

Previously completed SAQs are not transferable to the new E-TASC system. The Questionnaire process is very different and has been shortened to streamline the process. Additionally, only relevant questions (~50) will be asked as a specific set according to your sector, size and country of operations. EcoVadis manages the evaluation of the submissions. Once the new E-TASC questionnaire is complete and supporting documentation is provided, all information is saved making future updates easy.

What will happen with the former E-TASC powered by Achilles and the data provided?

Achilles is removing the E-TASC branding from their website and all collateral at the request of GeSI. Achilles is planning to continue to offer services. GeSI member companies and suppliers are encouraged to begin managing their supply chains using the new E-TASC powered by EcoVadis as soon as possible.

What will Suppliers be asked for in order to complete the new assessment?

The new assessment is focused on 4 themes: Environmental, Labor Practices and Human Rights, Fair Business Practices, Sustainable Procurement. You will be asked questions about your company’s management system (e.g. policies, actions, reporting) pertaining to these themes along with supporting documents and certifications that will be reviewed, verified and assessed.

Approximately how long does it take to complete the assessment process?

The entire process from start to finish is dependent upon how readily available the information and resources within your company are. Completing the assessment itself should not take more than 2 hours. Once supporting documents are uploaded, then the process can be completed and the results posted and ready for sharing in approximately 4 weeks.

Is the tool available in any language other than English?

The Buyer and Supplier portal in E-TASC is available in English. The assessment is available in English, French, and Chinese (Mandarin). It will be available in German, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazilian), and Italian in Q3 2013.

Is there a system manual which describes all the functions of the system?

There are training materials available in E-TASC by clicking on “User Manual” at the bottom of each page.

How does the old E-TASC powered by Achilles and the new E-TASC powered by EcoVadis relate?

GeSI announced the decision to use EcoVadis in the Spring of 2013. The new system has many benefits for both GeSI member companies and suppliers as described above. The assessment information available in one system cannot be shared with the other.

If suppliers already use EcoVadis, do they have to pay for another subscription to share with GeSI members?

No, in case suppliers hold a valid EcoVadis subscription they will not need to pay again and they will have the possibility to share your information with all GeSI members selected. In the same way, E-TASC subscribers will have the option to share their scorecard with EcoVadis customers in other industries (Manufacturing, Chemicals, FMCG, Transportation, Finance,…).

How does EICC-ON relate to E-TASC?

EICC initially partnered with the Global e-Sustainability Initiative to create a third party platform to store and manage assessment data. The result of that effort was E-TASC. The EICC moved away from E-TASC in 2011; EICC members have been using EICC-ON since that time. While the assessment found in the former E-TASC version and EICC-ON are very similar, data cannot be transferred between the two systems.

How is data confidentiality managed in the new E-TASC?

EcoVadis is fully committed to ensure the safety of its customers’ data, and provide highly secured online solutions.


Compliant with the DPA (Data Privacy Act): Data is kept strictly confidential, and will be used only for the purpose of the EcoVadis service.

Confidentiality of commercial relationships: Supplier scorecards will only be made available to the customers with formal authorization from the supplier (as stated in the general Terms and Conditions of usage).

Data confidentiality: Supplier scorecards will not be shared by default and will only be used as a support to conduct the CSR assessment, unless specifically authorized by the supplier.

Safe storage: All data are stored in data center that are ISO/IEC 27001 compliant.

Secure connections: EcoVadis platforms use a secure https:// connection, with personal login & password.

When can I start using the new E-TASC?

E-TASC is available starting May 29, 2013. Suppliers can begin completing their assessments in late June, 2013.