Members and Partners


Uniting the tech sector
In 2017 ARM founded 2030Vision, a partnership that connects business, public sector and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), academia and governments with the technology solutions needed to realize the Global Goals. Chaired by Arm, the founding partners were the UN Global Compact, UNICEF, The New York Academy of Sciences, SustainAbility, Fauna & Flora International, the Centre for Global Equality, Cambridge Judge Business School, British Council, Be He@lthy and Be Mobile (A joint World Health Organization (WHO) and International Telecommunications Union (ITU) initiative). Ensuring that 2030Vision is driven by the Goals is critical to its success. We chose to build this foundation before starting to recruit our fellow technology companies to work with us.

In 2018 ARM began talking to other companies about the need for greater collaboration on the Goals and developing our strategy for 2030Vision. We now have private sector partners: Microsoft, SAP, Salesforce, SAP, UBS, and Facebook have joined so far. We are working together to go beyond social impact projects and try to define what it is we can do together that we could not achieve individually.

2030Vision can help us ask critical questions to improve sustainability, for example: How can artificial intelligence (AI) support all the Global Goals? How can we bring 21st Century skills into the classroom and ensure the next generation is properly trained? How do we ensure there are sufficient job opportunities as technology evolves? How can the Internet of things (IoT) and connected devices allow more scalable services to a growing population? These questions and many more.

GeSI is proud being a member of 2030Vision.