Members and Partners


Fujitsu is proud to be a member of GeSI following our gold sponsorship of the #SMARTer2030 report. Environmental sustainability has always formed a core part of Fujitsu's business. From the adoption of park-style design for our factory in Kawasaki in 1935 to today's ambitious Fujitsu Group Environmental Action Plan, sustainability is key to every stage of our ICT services.

Climate change and declining biodiversity are just two of the many serious environmental issues that continue to escalate on a global scale. Furthermore, with the world's population now more than 7 billion, there are rising concerns about a shortage of food, water, energy and other resources.

As a global ICT company, Fujitsu can create new value and transform business and society. The Fujitsu Group is committed to helping resolve global environmental issues through the power of ICT. Our sustainability strategy has two dimensions; by increasing the deployment of ICT throughout society, the Fujitsu Group will expand our contributions to solving environmental challenges together with customers and society, and we will also continually strive to lower the environmental burden of our business activities. We will work with our stakeholders in the global value chain including our customers, partners and suppliers to shape a sustainable and prosperous society.