GeSI is hiring a Managing Director!

13th July 2017

In 2016, GeSI decided to make the Sustainable Development Goals its overall framework for action up to 2030, and agreed on the need to adapt its internal structure to better manage its new projects and collaborations.

As part of this evolution, the Board has been tasked with recruiting a Managing Director to ensure the management of the organization’s activities, staff and resources; and to implement the strategic directions received by the Board and membership.

The selection process for this position is now open! Requirements and instructions on how to apply are listed below.


Overseeing GeSI activities and being responsible for the management of GeSI's resources as well as the establishment of strategic goals and formulation of plans to make sure those goals are met.


Skills and Qualifications:

How to apply:

Candidates should  express their interest through an application letter addressed to the GeSI Chairman and sent to the GeSI Director, accompanied by a CV. Letters of support from GeSI members will be highly appreciated. Applications will be reviewed on a continuous basis, with a view to organize a first round of interviews at the end of August.