Publish on: 2017-03-01

The Global e-Sustainability Initiative (GeSI) is pleased to announce that a new sharing process has been launched within E-TASC (Electronic Tool for Accountable Supply Chains).

Member companies and their suppliers can now easily and proactively share their companies’ sustainability performance assessments.

GeSI launched E-TASC (powered by EcoVadis) in 2013.  Effective January 2017, when suppliers answer a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) assessment request from any E-TASC member company, they will now be able to proactively select to share their assessment results with others members of E-TASC.

As part of an overall Sector Initiative, improved sharing capabilities will offer suppliers increased exposure to demonstrate their performance with all E-TASC member companies. This new functionality provides E-TASC member companies visibility to an ever growing portfolio of 3000+ companies and data on sustainability performance of supplier’s management systems across four themes: Environment, Labor & Human Rights, Fair Business Practices and Sustainable Procurement.

Part of GeSI’s core mission is to encourage transparency and improvements on sustainability topics across the entire ICT value chain. This new sharing approach will support GeSI in this mission while increasing scalability and adoption by ICT member companies and their suppliers on their sustainability journey.

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