GeSI Mobile Carbon Impact - How mobile communications technology is enabling carbon emissions reduction ( 2016 )

Authored by the Carbon Trust, the report analyses the use of mobile technology in Europe and the US, finding that it enables savings of more than 180 million tonnes of carbon emissions a year, an amount greater than the total annual emissions of the Netherlands and five times higher than mobile network own emissions. 

The past decade has seen an explosive growth in mobile. There are now more than 7 billion mobile connections in the world, up from just over 2 billion in 2005, and the technology is transforming how individuals and organisations behave.

The Carbon Trust analysis shows that the largest savings currently being made are in the operation of buildings and transportation, thanks to improvements in areas such as building management and route planning. Mobile is also making a meaningful impact thanks to changes it has enabled in lifestyles and working patterns, as well as on energy infrastructure.

Some of the greatest future potential savings exist in other areas such as agriculture. In addition, mobile technology is helping to unlock a number of the technological advances projected to have a significant future impact but not existing at scale today, such as smart grids and driverless cars.  The report projects that the abatement impact from mobile is set to increase by at least 3 times over the next 5 years.

“Advances in Mobile Communications over the last few years are helping to transform the world for the better", said Luis Neves, GeSI Chairman. "We are just at the beginning of an accelerating adoption curve, where businesses, governments and society recognise the wealth of possibilities offered by the technology to do things differently. This report shows that Mobile is already making a real difference across the global economy, helping us to do shape  a more sustainable world.”

GeSI Mobile Carbon Impact - How mobile communications technology is enabling carbon emissions reduction

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