The enabling technologies of a low-carbon economy: a focus on cloud computing ( 2013 )

According to GeSI’s SMART2020 report, applying ICT solutions to sectors such as energy, buildings, transport and commerce can enable global carbon reductions of up to 15%, save €600 billion and create 15 million green jobs globally by the year 2020. To build on this macro-level analysis of ICT’s potential, GeSI commissioned research to help identify specific enabling technologies of a low-carbon economy at the micro level, and determine the optimal conditions needed to bring them to the market.

Entitled “The Enabling Technologies of a Low-Carbon Economy- a Focus on Cloud Computing”, the study is being conducted by the ThinkPlayDo Group, a spin-out from Imperial College London, with the support of GeSI and GeSI member Microsoft. Besides looking at the carbon and financial savings enabled by businesses migrating to the cloud, the study also assesses what could stop this potential from being realised- technologically, commercially and politically. The study focuses on 11 European countries- Czech Republic, France, Germany, Poland, Portugal, Sweden and the UK- as well as Canada, Brazil, China and Indonesia. It will be published in early 2013.

The enabling technologies of a low-carbon economy: a focus on cloud computing

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