GeSI takes a holistic view of sustainability. We support efforts to ensure environmental and social sustainability because they are inextricably linked in how they impact society and communities around the globe.

With a diverse and global member base and partnerships, GeSI fosters collaborative and innovative approaches to sustainability. We support member initiatives in both developed and developing nations to quickly and effectively respond to issues such as climate change, energy efficiency, e-waste management and resource efficiency, responsible supply chain practices and human rights.

GeSI is committed to sustainability actions and outcomes. Our members and partners use their collective knowledge and experience to identify opportunities and develop solutions for improving energy and resource efficiency, reducing carbon emissions and footprints, ensuring sustainable practices in the supply chain, encouraging access to sustainable technologies, and supporting ICT-enabled transformation across all industries and sectors around the globe.


Board Members

Jim Gowen holds the complementary roles of vice president of Supply Chain Operations and Chief Sustainability Officer for... [Read more]

James Gowen - GeSI Chairman

Vice President, Supply Chain Operations and Chief Sustainability Officer, Verizon

Mr. Lee is the Head of European Corporate Affairs for Samsung Electronics and has been with the company for more than 20 years... [Read more]

Caleb Lee - GeSI Vice-Chairman

Vice President, Samsung Electronics

Andreas Harker is currently holding the position as Head of CSR, Sustainable Procurement at Swisscom...[Read more]

Andreas Harker - GeSI Treasurer

Head of CSR, Sustainable Procurement, Swisscom

Birgit Klesper is Vice President, Corporate Responsibility for Deutsche Telekom in Bonn, Germany.  Prior to assuming this position... [Read more

Birgit Klesper

Senior Vice President Group Corporate Responsibility, Deutsche Telekom

Malcolm Johnson was elected ITU Deputy Secretary-General in October 2014 and took office on 1 January 2015...[Read more]

Malcolm Johnson

Deputy Secretary-General, ITU

Tim Fleming is the Director of Enterprise Sustainability at AT&T. He is passionate about identifying ways that technology...[Read more]

Tim Fleming

Director – Enterprise Sustainability, AT&T

Pauline Gregg is General Manager, Environment at Telstra, where for the past five years she has led the implementation...[Read more]

Pauline Gregg

General Manager - Environment, Telstra

Alessandro Gropelli is Director of Strategy and Communications and Deputy Director General at ETNO, the European Telecommunication Network Operators’ Association. Alessandro is an expert of tech...[Read more]

Alessandro Gropelli

Director of Strategy and Communications and Deputy Director General, ETNO

Iris Liu joined Taiwan Mobile in 2014, where she is Vice-President as well as CEO of the Taiwan Mobile Foundation. She was previously Vice-President... [Read more]

Iris Liu

Vice-President, Brand Management, Public Relations and Corporate Social Responsibility, Taiwan Mobile

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