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As well as our own internal commitments to human rights, how can ICT companies help with key social issues, such as protecting Human Rights? How can we as an industry, harness our innovation and digital prowess to deliver tangible value in this era of uncertainty?

As an example, Fujitsu, Co-creating with the Indonesian government department Kementerian Pemberdayaan Perempuan dan Perlindungan Anak (KPPPA), which translates as the Ministry of Womens' Empowerment and Child Protection have developed a solution to help with three key risk areas of concern. These being:

  • Ending violence against women and children
  • Ending human trafficking
  • Ending barriers to economic justice



But before we explore the solution itself, let’s look at the scale of the issue itself and how Indonesia, geographically and logistically is a challenge for the government and their ICT partner, Fujitsu.



With sea borders against both the Pacific and Indian Oceans, Indonesia is a huge country, both in terms of land mass and population.

  • Over 260 million in population
  • Huge rural areas and islands which need coverage and many urban centers (34 Provinces, 247 districts/cities, 900+ inhabited islands)
  • High number of cases of reported violence against women and children
  • Lack of consolidated information about women and children’s issues relating to human rights

With these challenges, Fujitsu and KPPPA worked together to harness digital technology to deliver a solution which offered citizens the opportunity to report issues of abuse and human trafficking. The solution provides key data and insights to allow the government to continually improve and adapt their services for the protection of human rights.

The citizens are enabled through a number of channels to fully facilitate anyone being able to report an issue, even for those who are not fully digitally included.

These channels include:

  • A free to use telephony service
  • Via a smartphone application
  • Through a web portal
  • Direct/face to face through a government officer or via law enforcement

This solution is further enhanced through a news and social media tracker, which utilises AI. This allows Field Officers to proactively target major incidents as they happen. In combination with the citizens’ data this gives the government significantly more insight into human rights issues and an authority to act quickly and with more knowledge to protect people.

The ICT solution is summarised in the following figure:


All of the reported incident data, the filtered news tracker information and the significant social media data is consolidated in a database.

At that point data analytics are used to cross reference data, find trends and pull together recommendations for future improvements through the “Command Center”.

Alongside this of course, government Field Officers and / or law enforcement are despatched to deal with key, timely and critical issues.

There are a number of benefits

 For the Ministry

  • Real time information collection and structural data
  • Consolidated tailorable reporting
  • Continued analysis based on historical data and trends
  • Dynamic dashboard display
  • Quick action towards incidents / link with law enforcement
  • Documented incident and status update
  • Secure

For Citizens

  • Multiple channels for complaint/report (via call center, web portal, mobile apps)
  • Open communications to government for suggestion and improvement
  • Enables public participation in prevention action against violence to women and children

For Field Officers

  • Integrated digital storage
  • Integrated information system
  • Unified collaboration (voice, data, app, GPS and instrument)
  • Enable sharing of information across all Field Officers

In summary, the solution has harnessed expertise from human rights experts within government and Fujitsu’s ICT expertise to Co-create a new Human Rights enabling solution.

  • Consolidation of previously fragmented approaches to deal with a key social issue
  • Applying ICT solutions to deliver human rights enabling outcomes
  • Works over huge diverse geographies to protect human rights
  • Facilitates quick action to intervene in cases of abuse
  • Tailorable and portable to other social value solutions
  • Integration with other key government systems and departments (e.g. Police)
  • Secure and respects privacy of individual

Fujitsu are very proud to be part of GeSI’s multi-stakeholder collaboration on human rights and will continue to work with customers, fellow innovators and partners to deliver social value.

About the author: Mel Melis has fulfilled a number of ICT management roles and in the last few years has specialised in Responsible Business, CSR and Sustainable Development. He also recently took part in a panel at another GeSI hosted #EnablingRights event in Brussels where there was an engaging discussion and dialogue on this thought-provoking and important subject.

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