Carmen Hualda Published Date: 2017-06-14,

Atlinks Holding is the winner of this year’s Leadership Index in the Manufacture & Assembly of ICT Equipment sector (SMEs). We speak to their CSR-QHSE Manager, Carmen Hualda.

Q: First of all, congratulations about your performance. Could you briefly introduce us to the company, how long you have been working with E-TASC, and your overall approach to CSR?

Thank you. It is a pleasure being recompensed by E-TASC , GeSI.

Atlinks is the exclusive global licensee of the Alcatel brand for home and business communication devices, most of our products are fixed line phones, DECT, analogue and VoIP phones, but not only. We recently acquired the Swissvoice brand and we will spread our porfolio.   Our Headquarter is in Hong Kong, and we have a subsidiary in France, and 3 other locations with sales offices in Mexico, Spain and Shenzhen.

We have been evaluated by Ecovadis since 2010 as requested by one of our major customers, and since 2013 we decided to join the platform to seek for opportunities of improvement in our CSR. Since then, we have been improving in our score.

Q: Based on the indicators in E-TASC, has your company developed any corrective actions for further improvement?  How are you measuring the success?

Sure, we have done improvements, mainly in the domain of Fair Business. The Conduct and Ethics of our teams were given for granted, but we realized that nothing is given for granted…. So we decided to train all our staff and consultants against corruption and bribery. We have invested quite some time in promoting our Code of Conduct and training all the staff.

Q:  Do you share your sustainability results with your customers and partners?

We do share the scorecards with the customers that are in E-TASC, but we also publish our results in our website as CSR Annual report, which is also published in the UN Global Compact site , both open to general public.

Q:  What have been your most successful programme(s) to effectively manage the supply chain?

There have been several programs in the domain of Environment very effectives: Transportation optimization, Eco-design by optimizing our packaging.

In the domain of our suppliers there is a well implemented  auditing system since many years,  with scopes as Quality, Environment, Health and Safety, and Social Accountability for each of our subcontractor of manufacturing.

Q: Could you tell us a bit more about 10 principles of the United Nations Global Compact that you’re supporting and how they’re shaping your business?

We do support all 10 principles of UN Global Compact. Since long time we have been focusing in the Human Rights, and Labor at our subcontractors of manufacturing premises, but since few years we have implemented an Occupations Health and Safety Management Systems to be focus in our own staff too.

We have also Certification of our Environmental management systems, which guarantee actions and programs to improve our Environmental footprint.

But where we have improved the most, lately since we joined UN Global Compact, is the Anti-bribery policy: Publishing documents to guide our staff, and also receiving training to be prepared in case they face this kind of issues. 


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