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Start Date:    14th November 2017End Date:    14th November 2017
Start Time:    10:30 AMEnd Time:    07:00 PM

Contact Email:   Andrea.Appel@telekom.de

Event Agenda

The impact of ICT on climate change - curse or blessing?
An event by Deutsche Telekom and the Global e-Sustainability Initiative

THE WORLD’S CURRENT TRAJECTORY IS DEEPLY CONCERNING: Social progress is too slow for too many people, current growth is unsustainable: by mid-August each year, humanity has already consumed the amount of resources the Earth’s ecosystems can renew in a year.  The world is heading towards dangerous average global temperature rises:  even if all the national commitments in the Paris COP21 agreement were met, the world would still be on course for an average 2.7°C temperature rise, well above the desired limit of 1.5°C and resulting in more natural disasters, forcing hundreds of millions of people to leave their homes.

Hence, humanity needs exponential development to meet these challenges – development that puts people at its heart and protects our planet. This is where digital solutions and the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector come in.

According to the GeSI #SMARTer2030 recent findings, connectivity and  digital solutions will be indispensable to improving people’s quality of life, fostering equitable growth and protecting the environment.  While we see promising developments derived from ICT at the same time we understand that there are challenges ahead resulting from ICT’s disruptive technological transformation and innovations.

Deutsche Telekom and the Global e-sustainability Initiative want to actively engage with you on an interactive dialogue on “The impact of ICT on climate change - Curse or blessing?” supported by presentations from well-known speakers of politics, science, civil society  and business, workshops on various themes about ICT’s and  sustainable growth, as well as live demonstrations of solutions from Deutsche Telekom, the Global e-Sustainability Initiative, member companies and our partners.


   Event Venue: Deutsche Telekom Headquarters

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