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Start Date:    15th July 2019End Date:    15th July 2019
Start Time:    06:00 PMEnd Time:    08:00 PM

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A country’s ability to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is dependent on using technology better, in particular information and communication technologies (ICTs), to make existing and new programming more effective, accessible, and scalable to serve their populations.

There is growing evidence that access to digital technology and services and the ability to use them, is directly related to improving the delivery of healthcare, education quality, reducing hunger, poverty and other major global challenges. This evidence also suggests that by taking a whole-of-government approach to investing in digital infrastructure, countries can deliver digital services at scale with a greater return on their ICT investments.

Among the United Nations Secretary-General's High-level Panel on Digital Cooperation recommendations to strengthen cooperation in the digital space, is a call for everyone to have affordable and meaningful access to the internet, to digital networks, as well as ‘digitally-enabled financial and health services’ in support of the achievement of the SDGs. This underscores not only the critical importance of cooperation to create “digital public goods” but also that digital technology needs to become a seamless part of service delivery for governments and development practitioners.

Partnerships: Goal 17 seeks to strengthen global partnerships to support and achieve the ambitious targets of the 2030 Agenda, bringing together the international community including national governments, civil society, the private sector and other stakeholders. By advancing partnerships, the evolving ICT ecosystem will be better suited to adapt to the rapidly changing technological, economic and social environment, and strengthen its capacity to execute ICT innovation and digitalization in national development agendas. Partnerships, whether they are public, private or public-private collaborations, will also help to develop strategies that promote cross-sectoral or a whole-of-government approach to the use of technology.

Whole of Government approach: A whole-of-government approach refers to taking a cross-sector and cross-organizational consideration of individuals’ needs to delivering services. Taking this approach provides a more integrated and coordinated way to delivery services aimed to achieve SDGs, while empowering citizens and ensuring inclusiveness and equality.

Scaling Digital Transformation: In order to maximize a country’s return on investment in technology, governments must commit to investing in digital infrastructure across sectors and agencies in a reusable,scalable way rather than taking a siloed or one-off approach to technology. We know there isn’t a one size fits all approach to take, so while we see success in some countries with their digital government and transformation efforts, the international community must come together to test this approach in more countries.


The session will showcase the SDG Digital Investment Framework within a whole-of-government approach to digital service delivery; explore partnerships and the opportunity of leveraging and setting out a pathway to cross-sector collaboration that can deliver on this vision; as well as best practices and recommendations.

• Presentation of the SDG Digital Investment Framework, a collaborative work between ITU and Digital Impact Alliance DIAL to provide guidance on why a “whole-of-government” approach is important and the need for digital investment for achieving the SDGs;
• Presentation of GeSI and Accenture’s Digital Access Index, a unique ICT sector tool to measure all the main aspects of digital: connectivity (including infrastructure, use, and affordability), technologies, and digital solutions. Thanks to the Index, the ICT industry is be able to target progress areas and check against results;
• Country experiences on to integrate telecommunication/ICT innovation and digitalization in national development agendas building a whole-of-government digital architecture and infrastructure to drive large scale adoption of the ICT for SDG;
• Explore opportunities to collaborate and to accelerate adoption of whole-of-government approach and use of framework to drive digital transformation;
• Call-to-action to strengthen partnerships and use the framework and contribute to its further development.


Panel presentations from the UN, member states, industry and multi-stakeholder partnership organizations followed by an interactive discussion among the different actors and a Question and Answer segment with the audience. The event will be conducted in English only as no interpretation services will be made available.


   Event Venue: UN Headquaters New York

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