Event Schedule:

Start Date:    27th September 2018End Date:    28th September 2018
Start Time:    09:00 AMEnd Time:    06:00 PM

The “SUSTAINABLE EDUCATION MEETING - SEM2018” will focus on Education Data and Funding with Four interlinked thematic drivers of Sustainable Development: Education, Monitoring, Technology and Finance, as follows:

  • EDUCATION – the Meeting will focus on Education for Sustainable Development as well as on the use of technology to improve the access and quality of education and on how the personal and social awareness of the scientific method, data science, coding and technological tools can contribute to a better management of Data, Monitoring and effective achievement of SDGs. 
  • MONITORING – the Meeting will be attentive to the United Nations Indicators framework adopted at the 47th Session of United Nations Statistical Commission to Monitor the SDGs implementation and also on how technological solutions can support the Indicators Framework implementation and going beyond that to develop Data-driven Education approaches. 
  • TECHNOLOGY – the Meeting spotlights are directed to technology trends which can support Education and Monitoring Data such as Cloud-services, Internet of Things - IoT, Self-tracking-data, Data-analytics, Predictive-data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and many others with real value like Coding as a Literacy, STEAM Learning, Measuring Learning. In particular we highlight holistic approach implementations and transformation frameworks such as SUSTAINABLE EDUCATION, Sustainable@EDU Campus & Schools Sustainable@EDU Classrooms.
  • FINANCE – Adequate Funding to Education Systems is now a priority with many dimensions. The Addis Ababa Action Agenda of the Third International Conference on Financing for Development “... encourage countries to consider setting nationally appropriate spending targets for quality investments in essential public services for all, including …Education.” 


   Event Venue: Microsoft Technology Centre, NYC, Times Square

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