MWC 2022: How IoT is helping fight Climate Change

GeSI CEO, Luis Neves, will join this MWC session on the enabling role of IOT for environmental impact

Feb 28, 2022 | Feb 28, 2022
  • 1:15 PM - 2:15 PM
  • MWC Barcelona/Online

How IoT is helping fight Climate Change

According to Juniper Research, the number of IoT connected devices in 2021 will reach a whopping 46 billion, a 200% increase in the last 5 years. The increase in these devices is not going to slow down anytime soon, but we do need to use these innovations in technologies to slow down climate change and secure global net zero by 2050. In a report published by Ericsson, the use of IoT has the potential of reducing emissions by as much as 63.5 gigatons by the year 2030. IoT solutions are already helping slow climate change with small changes like a global recommendation to switch all lighting to LED in public spaces, which is estimated to reduce energy consumption by up to 50%. In this session we will take a look at IoT solutions that are already reducing carbon emissions and increasing energy efficiency within homes, businesses and organisations. 


Luis Neves, CEO, GeSI

Fabio De Pasquale, Digital Business Development & Innovation, Global Manufacturing, Atos

Mary Clark, CMO, Brivo

Ricky Corker, Chief Customer Experience Officer, Nokia

Rika Nakazawa, VP, NTT New Ventures & Innovation, NTT

Ivan Lequerica, VP, South & West Europe, Geotab


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