Members and Partners


Bell’s ongoing commitment to sustainability is more than just talk. It is a way of life at Bell, essential to sustaining the business and to the pursuit of our long-term goal: to be recognized by customers as Canada’s leading Communications Company.

That commitment is renewed every time we talk to customers, shareholders, suppliers, team members or any of the communities in which we live and work. We understand that millions of Canadians depend on Bell to provide technologies that enable economic opportunity and productivity growth. More than that, we know they rightly expect us to deliver those benefits while living up to the most stringent ethical principles and rigorous business standards.

As an active member of the GeSI Climate Change and Supply Chain working groups, we are able to participate in the development and promotion of standard industry approaches such as ICT carbon reduction enablement studies. This allows us to closely monitor these issues while supporting industry-wide initiatives such as those of the GeSI and EICC Extractives Working Group to increase the transparency and traceability within the ICT supply chain. The common approach has helped Bell align its standards within the industry to develop time and cost effect solutions.