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Taiwan Mobile

Taiwan Mobile is a leading telecommunications company in Taiwan offering "Quadruple Play" services – covering mobile, fixed-line, cable TV and broadband. The Company is Taiwan's Top 10 Role Model Company for Sustainability, and has used core resources "5C"(Coverage/Convergence/Content/Channel/Cloud), integrating virtual and physical channels, telecommunications, media, and digital convergence to create more digital benefits that meet the demands of the society and become a leader in T.I.M.E.: telecommunications, internet, media and entertainment.

Taiwan Mobile aims to find low-carbon technology opportunities that can help the society adapt to climate change.  With the arrival of the new digital era, Taiwan Mobile has pursued digital convergence as a core strategic direction through innovative services.  Looking to the future, Taiwan Mobile will continue to implement corporate social responsibility, the maximization of values for our customers and develop innovative sustainability strategies for sustainable development in the era of global change.