Members and Partners


Sustainability has always been high on the agenda of TIM, which is included in the most important global sustainability indexes worldwide.

TIM joined GeSI (as Telecom Italia) in 2008 because the Initiative, thanks to its global outreach and industry wide membership, can speak with one single voice on behalf of the whole ICT sector and raise awareness of its potential and commitment to make sustainability happen vis-à-vis all interested stakeholders.

In particular the work carried out by GeSI on identifying and promoting the role of ICTs as an enabler of behavioural change, energy efficiency and GHG emission reduction, is well in line with the objectives of Telecom Italia, and the findings of the SMART2030 series of reports, as well as the overall involvement in the joint efforts aimed at the measurement of the carbon footprint of the ICT sector and at the creation of a low carbon society, support effectively the company’s strategy at national and international levels.