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Turk Telekom

Türk Telekomünikasyon A.S. (TTAS) is a fixed line operator in the EMEA region which has 15 million fixed access lines and 7 million broadband lines.

It is a great pleasure for TTAS to work with GeSI towards achieving a sustainable future. We have gained a lot of knowledge from the cooperation and we continue to learn from peers in the telecommunications sector.

TTAS made an announcement to the Istanbul Stock Exchange where we highlighted the importance of carbon disclosure. We have since started working in some projects, such as NGN (New Generation Network) which allows for the reduction of equipment’s carbon footprint and uses less energy; Smart Metering remotely – measuring electric consumption remotely; Free Cooling –reducing compressors working time; deployment of PV panels and wind turbines.

The latest project we have been working on is the Fiberkentt Project. This project replaces old copper lines into fiber and reduces the footprint of equipment at sites. The overall effect is to reduce energy consumption and reduce maintenance which results in less carbon production.