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As one of the world’s leading telecommunication vendors, ZTE Corporation emphasizes its corporate social responsibility and dedicates its efforts to furthering green activities. ZTE’s CEO has stated the following:  "with its green commitment, ZTE Corporation will be based on sustainable growth, ceaseless innovations that face these challenges, by devoting all efforts to construct green networks together with our customers and develop a healthy society”. We promote green manufacturing, green culture, green management and green value chains within the company. Innovation, Convergence and Green solutions are the three main strategies of ZTE Corporation, in which green solutions are the motivation for the other two. ZTE’s green strategy has been executed in all of the company’s operation processes including standards development, R&D, procurement, production, logistics and engineering.  GeSI provides an open and global forum for the improvement and promotion of our products, services and access to ICT for the benefit of human development and sustainable development and conform to ZTE's green idea.