Published on: 2019-04-16

E-TASC is pleased to announce new functionality supporting the Validated Audit Program (VAP)!  A new offline Corrective Action Plan (CAP) template is now available allowing Auditees and CAP Managers to efficiently download and create Corrective Actions.  The new CAP template will streamline the entire process when multiple departments or parties are collaborating in the improvement strategy.  Once created, the CAPs are automatically imported and linked with the Audit Findings. 

2019 is off to a great start in E-TASC with most GeSI Members set up and initiating Trading Relationships (sharing data) with valued Suppliers.  GeSI Members have successfully sent requests to hundreds of Suppliers, creating an excellent foundation for benchmarking and transparency of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) risks in the supply chain. 

If you would like more information about E-TASC and how to join other GeSI Members, please visit HERE

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