Published on: 2011-11-02

Program aims to build facility management capability in managing health and safety concerns

WASHINGTON , D.C., November 1, 2011 — The Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition® (EICC®) and the Global e-Sustainability Initiative (GeSI) have launched the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Training Program, a series of modules that aim to assist facility managers in controlling workplace hazards and in promoting workplace health and safety.

Mr. Luis Neves, GeSI Board Chairman, indicated that “this program furthers the commitment made by the EICC and GeSI to develop training programs that build knowledge of and capability to address critical social, environmental, and occupational issues in the global electronics supply chain.”

“This new OHS training, prioritized for development based on feedback from stakeholders and designed to address noncompliances found during OHS audits, is critical to building health and safety capability into electronics industry facilities,” said Mr. Michael Turner, EICC Board Director for Learning and Capability Building.

The OHS training is a six-hour, classroom based, train-the-trainer program designed for facility managers. After attending the training, participants will understand the importance of OHS programs in preventing accidents and protecting workers, how to overcome the challenges of implementing an effective OHS program, how to recognize, evaluate and control workplace hazards, and how to create a culture that promotes OHS.

The training consists of three modules:

Module 1:  Introduction to Occupational Health and Safety contains key concepts and introductory information on OHS programs.

Module 2: Recommended Best Practices provides practical advice related to occupational safety, emergency preparedness, occupational injury and illness, industrial hygiene, hazardous chemicals, physically demanding work, machine safeguarding, and sanitation, food and housing.

Module 3: Management Systems: Creating a Culture of Health & Safety contains information on how to set up a management accountability program for OHS and the associated business benefit.

Additional training materials include the Foundational Training Manual, a document that outlines the overall course and provides additional guidance to prepare the trainer, and the Trainer’s Manual, a document that parallels the training modules and provides the trainers with more detailed information on topics covered in the modules.  Case studies are also provided and serve as examples of best practices in occupational health and safety management.

This training is available immediately to EICC and GeSI members and their supply chains in English, Spanish and Simplified Chinese. The training will be released for public use in 2012.

About the EICC

The EICC was established in 2004 to improve social, economic, and environmental conditions in the global electronics supply chain through use of a standardized code of conduct. The EICC was incorporated in 2007 as an association to ensure greater awareness of the Code, and to expand its adoption across the industry. Through the application of shared standards, the EICC believes in better social, economic, and environmental outcomes for all involved in the electronics supply chain. The EICC includes over 60 global electronics companies. For more information or to view the EICC Code of Conduct, visit


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