Published on: 2018-04-19

The 2018 edition of European Consumer Day was held in Sofia on 20 March with the theme “The Digital Economy: what deal for consumers?” This conference has been organized every year since 1999 and it has always been the occasion to bring together experts, consumers and policy-makers to debate issues affecting consumers at a European level. This year, Luis Neves, Managing Director of the Global e-Sustainability Initiative participated to this one-day event as a sustainable consumption expert.

He joined a panel where the opportunities for the digital consumer were discussed and he focused his speech on how to make digital working for consumers. In the #SMARTer2030 report released in 2015, GeSI identified that if we could connect 2.5 billion previously unconnected people to services and therefore improving their quality of life (access to e-health services and e-learning among others). Digital has also the potential to enable a cut of 12Gt CO2 e from the global economy by 2030, maintaining CO2 e emissions at 2015 levels and enabling a decoupling of economic growth from its climate impact

To do that we need to collaborate with consumers and help them to be ready to “think” digital. Three priority areas were identified to take action:

  1. Increase convenience and e-participation to help consumer to save an immense amount of time with the use of smartphones and computers.
  2. Choose e-services for your well-being but also for your savings
  3. Become digital to expand horizon with knowledge and education.

You can know more about key conclusions, points raised and think-pieces provided during the European Consumer Day with the report here.

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