Published on: 2015-08-11

Brussels, 11 August 2015 - Going beyond compliance research reveals 22% higher perfomance by GeSI's member's suppliers compared to non-members.

Global E-Sustainability Initiative (GeSI) is pleased to announce the first annual ICT Leadership Index to recognize outstanding performance by top suppliers of its members in the field of sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) practices. Leveraging the CSR performance rating, the ICT Leadership Index identifies best-in-class companies across four ICT super sectors (Tertiary services, Telecom & infrastructure, Manufacturing of electronic components, and Manufacture & assembly of ICT equipment) on their commitment to CSR. 

GeSI recognizes that sustainability in the ICT industry supply chain is a strategic issue for its members in Europe, America and in Asia.  The vision of GeSI is to promote leadership in sustainability. This means going beyond the basic sustainable supply chain efforts of ensuring compliance with codes and regulations, to encourage performance and achievement driven continuous improvement in sustainability, which is a key driver to ensure lasting improvements in environmental and social practices. In 2013 GeSI launched an initiative called Electronic Tool for Accountable Supply Chains (E-TASC), which is powered by the technology and expertise of EcoVadis and is currently used by 12 GeSI member companies to evaluate the CSR performance of their supplier base. Since its inception, E-TASC powered by EcoVadis, has scaled to engage over 2000 suppliers on their CSR performance.

With this first version of a leadership index, GeSI is providing recognition to some leading practices. The sustainability performance rating is based on assessment of companies’ CSR management systems on four themes - environment, labor & human rights, fair business practices/ethics and supply chain – which is verified by the EcoVadis CSR expert analysts. To ensure equitable evaluation, there are two separate categories for large and small-and-medium sized enterprises (SME).

The top performers of the ICT Leadership Index for 2015 are:

ICT Super Sector

Top Large


Tertiary services



Infrastructure & telecom services



Manufacture of electronic components



Manufacture & assembly of ICT equipment



One key observation is that ICT companies assessed within the E-TASC initiative have 22% higher performance ratings on CSR than the average of ICT companies in the EcoVadis database. This could be contributed to the work done by GeSI members to ensure corrective action plans and continuous improvements amongst their supplier base.

The Index methodology compares both overall scores and “theme scores” within the ICT super sectors as well as takes into account stakeholders inputs to determine the ranking. To read about the methodology of the ICT Leadership Index and see more detailed results and comparisons please click here.


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