Published on: 2016-03-03

An interview with the GeSI Chairman Luis Neves has been featured by the analyst network Spend Matters in an article on the collaboration between industry peers and competitors.

The types of challenges we are facing cannot be resolved by a single company,” said Neves, who is also group sustainability and climate protection officer at Deutsche Telekom, based in Germany. Initiatives like GeSI enable companies within an industry to exchange sustainability best practices, he said.
The GeSI has developed a guide companies in the industry can adopt to implement sustainable practices. They can use the guide to do a sort of self-assessment, Neves said, and engage suppliers to determine how sustainable their supply chain is and identify areas of risks.

You can have access to the full article, also featuring GeSI partners EcoVadis (E-TASC) and EICC (CFSI), here.



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