Published on: 2019-07-11

As GeSI is evolving and collaborating with other digital industry sectors, E-TASC continues to play a critical role in leveraging data and assessing risks, including financial risk, in the supply chain.  GeSI Member and Supplier collaboration within E-TASC for data collection and sharing, offers topic specific and overall transparency of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) risks in the supply chain. 

GeSI Members are continuing with new Supplier on-boarding campaigns and setting up trading relationships within E-TASC.  Fellow GeSI Member Dell, an Industry Compass Award winner surrounding innovation, participated in a working session in June sharing Best Practices contributing to their successful program within E-TASC.  Thank you again Dell for sharing your expertise!

If you would like more information about E-TASC and how to join other GeSI initiatives, please visit HERE.

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