Published on: 2013-06-17

This week the European Commission will release the Guidance for the Information and Communication Technologies (“ICT”) Sector on Implementing The UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. This is a paramount step in advancing Human Rights practices throughout the ICT industry.  This Communication is the last of a series of initiatives and regulations launched in Europe and North America to tackle environmental, human rights and ethical issues in the supply chain.

GeSI recognized that sustainability in the ICT industry supply Chain has become a strategic issue for its members in Europe, in the Americas and Asia, and therefore, decided to launch a new initiative in this area, the Electronic Tool for Accountable Supply Chains (E-TASC). This tool facilitates support and drives accountability in the area of human rights and other sustainability standards throughout the supply chain. This will lead to a more effective and transparent management of ICT Supply chains and will allow companies to better report to their different stakeholders. Furthermore, E-TASC will illustrate results on real social and environmental improvements across the Supply Chain and consequently on increasing value for the companies.

EcoVadis will administer E-TASC by combining a cloud based platform and data validation services. This will allow the ICT industry to effectively implement a common approach in monitoring suppliers Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) practices.  Suppliers to the ICT industry will be able to use E-TASC to avoid duplication of questionnaires and audits, and share easy to understand scorecards and reliable ratings with their customers.

The ICT industry relies on a pool of common suppliers. By establishing E-TASC powered by EcoVadis as the industry standard, the approach to assessing sustainability practices will drive maturity of CSR practices throughout the ICT value chain. 

“Since the 1st version of E-TASC in 2007, GeSI fosters collaborative and innovative approaches to sustainability” declared Luis Neves, Chairman of GeSI “ The EcoVadis platform will allow us to provide an easier to use collaboration platform, but also reliable ratings to ensure that Sustainability performance can be integrated into procurement decisions”

EcoVadis Managing Director and co-founder Pierre-François Thaler adds: “GeSI has been one of the pioneers of industry collaborative sustainability initiatives and we are very proud to collaborate with GeSI as a leading Industry Association to improve the environmental and social conditions of their complex supply chains”

E-TASC is now being implemented amongst GeSI member companies and other ICT companies.  Leading ICT companies such as Alcatel-Lucent, Atos, Belgacom, Bouygues, Telecom Deutsche Telekom, O2, SFR, Swisscom, Telefonica, and Vodafone along with thousands of their suppliers are already deploying the EcoVadis platform.

E-TASC powered by EcoVadis will allow the ICT industry to access reliable data and easy to use scorecards, covering 21 environmental and social criteria, adapted to the specific regulations and CSR challenges of over 150 purchasing categories, which will cover suppliers in in more than a 95 countries.


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