Published on: 2015-10-13

GeSI moves the bar higher by releasing a new software tool ( that allows everyone for the first time dynamically to explore the energy savings, cost savings and GHG abatement potential of moving from on-site computing to cloud computing, across 11 different countries. The new tool features three distinct levels of detail aimed at providing a user experience from the quick, simple and powerful infographic results view, to the in-depth equations and data view showing how the outcomes are calculated.
The software unleashes the data and methodology of the GeSI world-leading research into the greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions abatement potential of three types of cloud computing (CRM, groupware, and e-mail), using a new cloud-based software platform. The original study, The Enabling Technologies of a Low-carbon Economy: A Focus on Cloud Computing, found that 1 tonne of greenhouse gas (GHG) created by cloud leads to 20 tonnes abated from customers, reducing energy by 11.2 TWh and abating 4.5 mega tonnes of CO2 emissions annually. These results were based upon 80% of organisations across 11 countries adopting cloud computing; the new tool allows you to dynamically explore these results according to adoption levels, organisation size and country.
"In 2013, we developed a solid study on the potential benefits of adopting cloud computing solutions" said Luis Neves, GeSI Chairman "With this app, we are making the findings of that study more easily accessible to a wider audience. Cloud computing can help support emission reduction strategies across different sectors, and we hope that the app will contribute to further spread awareness of this potential."
Dr Dan Williams of Qingtech Ltd, who led the project, remarked "With this new tool, multiple audiences from cloud operators, cloud sales and marketing as well as policy-makers, can customise and explore a scientific and rigorous study without having to spend hours reading though a large report. The abatement potential of cloud computing is impressive and we hope this software will be a catalyst for environmental change."
Press contacts:
Dr Dan Williams
Director, Qingtech
Chiara Venturini
Director, GeSI


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