Published on: 2010-11-04

GeSI Chair Luis Neves attended the Hijau untuk Negeri launch event to represent the initiative and introduce the Indonesian audience to SMART 2020 and explore the implications of ICT enablement in Indonesia.

Bakrie Telecom Officially Launches “Green for the Nation”

Jakarta- GeSI's First Southeast Asian Member Combines Business Strategy with Corporate Social Responsibility

Bakrie Telecom's innovative steps to uphold its commitment to environmental sustainability continue today with the public launch of the “Hijau Untuk Negeri”, or "Green for the Nation", movement and the announcement of aggressive green targets. In enacting this program, Bakrie Telecom is the first mobile network operator in Indonesia to comprehensively integrate environmental stewardship across its operations.

Hijau Untuk Negeri is an ongoing effort developed during2010 under the guidance of Malk Sustainability Partners, a management consultancy focused on environmental sustainability strategies for ICT companies. The program involves all internal divisions within Bakrie Telecom working together to accomplish the following company-wide environmental objectives:

  • Reuse or recycle 75% of Network and IT electronic waste in 2011
  • Ensure that 50% of capital spending complies with environmental purchasing criteria in 2011
  • Collect 50,000 retired handset devices for reuse, or recycling by 2012
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions per subscriber by 50% from 2009 levels by 2014

These objectives are supported by numerous initiatives in each department of the company including energy optimization programs in the company's network, a Supplying Green program in its warehouses, resource saving Green Office programs, and subscriber-facing SMS and handset recycling programs, among other efforts.

"Bakrie Telecom is an innovative and proactive company which has integrated its strong commitment to the environment into all areas of its operations," said Andrew Malk, Managing Partner of Malk Sustainability Partners, "they have succeeded in reducing their impacts, increasing operational efficiency, and raising awareness of environmental issues with the Indonesian public. It has truly been a pleasure to assist Bakrie Telecom in developing this program."

Hijau Untuk Negeri is also focused on raising awareness of environmental issues with all of Bakrie Telecom's employees as well as with the Indonesian public. This is being accomplished through an intensive internal socialization campaign featuring collaboration with The Climate Project Indonesia and GeSI, as well as numerous external initiatives encouraging the public to take action and 'Go Green'.

"We have set aggressive goals and are taking immediate action to provide affordable connectivity to all Indonesian citizens while at the same time reducing our use of natural resources, reusing resources wherever possible, and recycling electronic waste, paper, and other materials", said President Director Anindya Bakrie when inaugurating Hijau Untuk Negeri campaign in Jakarta.

"While telecommunications has a small environmental footprint relative to other industries, we believe it is important to address the amount of energy used to power mobile networks, to effectively manage the retired handsets and other waste electronics which result from telecom operations, and to rethink the amount of paper, plastic, and other materials used in product packaging. This not only reduces our sector's environmental footprint, it reduces costs and is simply good business ", he continued.

To support progress on these issues on a broader level, Bakrie Telecom has become the first ASEAN member of the Global eSustainability Initiative (GeSI), a worldwide consortium of telecommunications companies focused on environmental sustainability and is pleased to offer an Indonesian perspective to the group’s ongoing dialogue. GeSI Chair Luis Neves attended the Hijau untuk Negeri launch event to represent the initiative and introduce the Indonesian audience to SMART 2020 and explore the implications of ICT enablement in Indonesia.

Bakrie Telecom intends to build upon the objectives and activities of Hijau Untuk Negeri to strive toward continuous improvement in sustainability. The program is managed for long term success by a Green Team of talented managers under the leadership of a dedicated Green Project Leader who reports to Bakrie Telecom's Board of Directors.

"Formalizing Hijau Untuk Negeri helps us to fulfill our corporate vision to create a better life for the Indonesian people through information connectivity. Through this program, Bakrie Telecom contributes to a better life for current and future generations ", stressed Anindya.

Full information on Hijau Untuk Negeri is available at

For more information on the development of the program, please contact:

Zach Goldman
Malk Sustainability Partners

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