Published on: 2018-07-24
The capability to more effectively scope and cost audits of small and medium sized sites using the Validated Audit Program (VAP) in E-TASC is now available! Auditees that meet the criteria for small or medium sites are eligible to participate in the new VAP Audit Types:
  • Small Scope VAP Audits - Smaller scale VAP Audit for sites with <100 workers and 0-3 Risk Elements
  • Medium Scope VAP Audits - Medium scale VAP Audit for sites <500 workers and 0-3 Risk Elements
  • Full Scope VAP Audits - Full scale VAP Audit for sites >500 workers
These new VAP Audit Types are in addition to the already available supplemental audits used to perform a deep-dive on topics such as forced labor.
By appropriately scoping the size and scope of the audit, the Audit Program Manager (APM) can efficiently set expectations for key stakeholders including the assigned Audit Firm, Auditors, Member Companies, Auditees and Program Managers. As a result, the costs and complexity have been reduced!
The VAP Audit Program is a thorough end to end process, focused on leveraging the integrity of Audit results for all stakeholders. GeSI Members that are participating in the VAP program can now expand their reach in the supply chain to include sites that are medium or small, better identifying risks within the supply chain.
E-TASC is both a community and a technology. E-TASC is an initiative of GeSI and is the ICT industry standard solution for improving the environmental and social practices within the supply chain.
GeSI is committed to sustainability actions and outcomes. Our Members and partners use their collective knowledge and experience to identify opportunities and develop solutions for improving energy and resource efficiency, reducing carbon emissions and footprints, ensuring sustainable practices in the supply chain, encouraging access to sustainable technologies, and supporting ICT-enabled transformation across all industries and sectors around the globe.
The Responsible Business Alliance (RBA), formerly the EICC, is comprised of electronics, retail, auto, and toy companies committed to supporting the rights and wellbeing of workers and communities worldwide affected by the global electronics supply chain.
GeSI and RBA are cooperatively positioned to support the Members of each organization by expanding the penetration in the Technology Sector, including the use of the VAP Audit Program. We look forward to continued opportunities and collaboration to meet GeSI's and RBAs' individual and shared strategies and goals.

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