Published on: 2015-06-09

Back in 2008, GeSI launched the first report of the SMART series, the SMART2020, followed by SMARTer2020 in 2012. Now in 2015, the #SMARTer2030 report has been launched with the aim to extend our horizon to 2030 and to look at ICT-enabled sustainability from a holistic point of view.

This report shows that ICT has the potential to enable a 20% reduction of global CO2e emissions by 2030, thus holding emissions at 2015 levels, and to effectively decouple economic growth from emissions growth. The SMARTer2030 also illustrates through a number of case studies what successful applications ICT can have in everyday life. It contains recommendations to decision-makers, businesses and consumers on what actions are needed to make the most of the technology benefits.

To have access to the full report and to explore the data, you can visit the SMARTer2030 website here.


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