#SMARTer2030 Action Coalition ( 2016 )

The SMARTer2030 Action Coalition has as mission to realize the vision laid out in the GeSI SMARTer2030 report, the Paris Agreement, and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through concrete actionable steps at the ICT industry level, business sector level, public policy level, and through public awareness, education, and mobilization. The Coalition launching today intends to bring together the actors whose involvement is needed to make this vision a reality: ICT industry, business, policymakers and civil society. Led by GeSI, the Coalition will work to support the achievement of the goals set by the Paris Agreement through concrete on-field projects implementation, public awareness, education, and mobilization.

The Coalition pursues therefore two main objectives: first, to ensure that the world’s growing use of ICT does not exacerbate carbon emissions, and second to leverage the enabling potential of ICT to reduce CO2 emissions in a broad range of industry sectors starting with energy efficiency in buildings and mobility.


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