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Chad Wilkerson


Director, Sustainability and Infrastructure Sourcing, T-Mobile US

Chad Wilkerson is the Director of Sustainability and Infrastructure Sourcing for T-Mobile US. With over a decade of experience in energy markets and procurement, Chad develops and implements sustainable strategies to address the unique challenges presented within the telecom sector.  He seeks to make a positive impact on our community, environment and society, all while achieving our business goals and providing excellent service to our customers. 

Chad is responsible for overseeing the procurement of energy through a variety of strategies across the T-Mobile network to minimize cost and manage risk. Additionally, he identifies and leads initiatives to increase energy efficiency, waste reduction, emissions reduction and supplier diversity in retail stores, commercial buildings, data centers, and network locations. Chad’s mission is to seek out innovative ways to reduce the waste generated through operations.

As the Director of T-Mobile’s sustainability program, Chad implements programs across the environmental, social, and governance spectrum including reporting as well as cross-functional projects to achieve the enterprise targets set.

Chad holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting is a Certified Sustainability Practitioner and Certified Technology Procurement Executive.