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Tony Jin Yong


Chief representative to the EU institutions and VP European Region, Huawei

Tony Jin Yong joined the Public Affairs and Communication team at the Brussels Office as Vice-President for the European Region for Huawei in September 2021 and is the Chief Representative of Huawei to the EU Institutions in Brussels.

Mr. Jin Yong is no newcomer to Huawei, having joined the company in 2001. He has a wide experience in the telecommunications sector, and has served as CEO Country Manager, Sales Director, and Solutions Director in several Latin American countries such as Mexico, Brazil, Costa Rica, and Panama. After moving to the EU in 2014 he held the position of Managing Director of Carrier Business Unit in Spain for a year and then served as CEO Country Manager of Huawei Spain from 2015.

Mr. Jin Yong graduated from Hangzhou University of Electrical Engineering (HDU) in 2001 after earning a Bachelor degree in Telecommunication Engineering. He is married and a father of two.