COVID-19 response: Telstra

Australian telecom company Telstra supports customers, employees, and governments alike amid COVID-19 pandemic

Published on: Apr 24, 2020 | Written by: Riccardo Grisanti

The outbreak of COVID-19 has been a public health and economic shock, costing lives and resulting in great instability across all sectors worldwide.

In recent months, we have been seeing how smart solutions play a key role in keeping people around the globe connected, especially in fundamental sectors of our societies as healthcare, education, and government. 

Australian telecom company, Telstra has been actively working in the area of COVID-19 response in different ways. 

Telstra is making strides in supporting online learning, working with local governments across Australia to provide internet access, live video lessons, educational content to students and teachers. 

For Telstra customers, the company offers unlimited data allowances on ADSL, NBN and cable broadband, free extra mobile data and free calls from home for people who need the most, as well as gaining access to self-service tools to reduce time in call queues.

Both individuals and small businesses have been granted a pause for late payment fees and disconnections for non-payment till the end of April, and the same businesses can also benefit from unlimited data allowances on fixed broadband and extra data for small business small consumers.

Among others, Telstra provides its subscribers with access to Virtual Meeting Room service kept free until 30 June, but also half-price access to the Digital Marketing Services website plans for 3 months and discounts on Telstra’s mobile worksuite, as well as all broadband plans.

Additionally, Telstra has expanded its workforce by one thousand people, paused workforce reductions from its T22 strategy plan for six months, provided staff additional paid leave, and helped more than 25,000 staff to smart-work (providing also online tips on how to do it in the most effective way possible).

Further information on the Telstra’s support package for its subscribers during the COVID-19 outbreak can be found on Telstra’s website

These actions are just a small part of what the GeSI membership is currently doing, as all our members are fully committed to do everything in their power to guarantee that the ICT sector puts people’s needs and health at the centre of everything.

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