E-TASC includes a Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) at both the Corporate and Facility Level. Upon completion of the SAQs, a score value and risk rating are generated for each topic and sub topic. GeSI Member companies use these risk ratings to identify risks and gaps within their own company as well as the supply chain.

The Self-Assessment Questionnaires organize risk elements, control elements, and the management systems for each of these topics:

  • Labor
  • Ethics
  • Health and Safety
  • Environment

E-TASC leverages the features on the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA, formerly EICC) platform and provides GeSI Members and Suppliers tools to manage risk.


The Validated Audit Process (VAP) is the leading standard for onsite compliance verification. VAP Audits have an Audit Program Manager (APM), which oversees the entire Audit workflow within E-TASC. APMs assign reputable Audit Firms that are certified in using the VAP Audit Protocol checklist to conduct the Audits.

The entire Audit workflow is included in E-TASC:

  • Initiation (Scheduling, Costing)
  • Conducting (Audit Firm/Auditor Assignment)
  • Import (Quality Check)
  • Findings Generation (Detailed Data Points)
  • Full Corrective Action Workflow (Company and Supplier Collaboration)
  • Closure Audits (Verification of Improvements)

E-TASC provides GeSI Member companies and Suppliers the ability to share Audit data at the site level along with all Findings and Corrective Actions. The reporting features within E-TASC make it easy for companies to manage their supply chain and view Assessment and Audit data all in one place.


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