The BLUEPRINT to a Circular Economy's Roadshow

A free, week-long event series featuring practitioners from the world of local government, fashion, food, construction, behaviour change and more

May 9, 2022 | May 13, 2022
  • 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM
  • Online

Monday 9 May – Supporting local authorities’ transition to a circular economy
Inspiring local authority initiatives for a circular economy, 09:00-10:40

Lessons learned from cross-border circular economy projects 11:00-12:30

Tuesday 10 May – Changing habits for a circular economy
Embedding the circular economy within education 09:00-10:40

Making recycling in flat blocks & HMOs work 11:00-12:40

Fostering a reuse and repair culture 14:00-15:20

Wednesday 11 May – The role of materials in a circular economy
Can we remove waste from the construction industry? 09:00-11:00

Creating a circular economy for food 12:30-14:15

No more fast fashion: The role of textiles in the circular economy 15:00-17:00

Thursday 12 May – Creating circular jobs and developing circular skills
What is the circular economy and what jobs can it create? 09:00-10:00

The role of social enterprises in circular economy growth 10:30-11:30

Training and skill development for a circular economy 14:30-15:45

Friday 13 May – Moving beyond waste
Putting reuse and waste prevention on the map in local authority waste strategies – 09:00-10:30



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