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GeSI is a leading, cross-industry sustainability initiative creating and enabling digital solutions to address society’s most pressing challenges.

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The Global Enabling Sustainability Initiative (GeSI) is the only global membership organisation dedicated to enabling the ICT industry to meet opportunities generated by applying digital solutions to the world’s most pressing environmental and social challenges.


GeSI's core vision is to create digital innovation responsibly to transform our world for good. GeSI CREATES the conditions that lead to new digital growth opportunities, FOSTERS global relationships, social networks and business ties, DEFINES business cases for digital solutions for sustainability and POSITIONS companies to have a seat at the table in policy discussions that matter at regional and global levels!

Our Board
Meet our board

With both a new organization and a clear strategic direction, supported by the materiality analysis, the GeSI Board  established solid fundaments for GeSI to consolidate and grow and to drive the global digital sustainability agenda through advocacy and transformative and credible action.

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Our team

Members and partners

Our members and partners use their collective knowledge and experience to identify opportunities and develop effective solutions in a number of critical areas including: climate change, energy/resource efficiency, e-waste management, responsible supply chain practices, labour rights and public policy.

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