Ecochain is a growing online sustainability data management platform that enables customers to quantify the full environmental performance of their entire product portfolio through full LCA/EPD.

Turn your environmental data into a business opportunity.

Ecochain's Environmental Intelligence Platform helps companies measure and reduce the emissions of their products, company, or entire value chain. Ecochain's activity-based footprinting allows your company to create hundreds of Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) within minutes, so that you can focus on taking action instead of writing reports.

Connect Ecochain to your supply chain to get real-time data from your suppliers.

Ecochain helps companies in 4 core areas:

  • Making Data Collection Simple
    To calculate the environmental impact, companies have to access  data points from many different stakeholders. Through simple templates and Ecochain's Activity-based Footprinting methodology, collecting data is simple.

  • Benchmarking your entire product portfolio
    Ecochain allows you to compare the footprint of your entire product portfolio at once. This way, you can compare your own products with your competition more efficiently. 

  • Optimizing, where it matters
    Ecochain's methodology allows you to identify hotspots in your value chain. This way, you can make more informed decisions - and innovate, where it matters.

  • Reporting: Communicate through dashboards
    Sustainable change needs alignment throughout the organization. Our visualizations and dashboards help you to share insights about your products and suppliers, create visual reports, and get buy-in.

  • Zoom in on product scenarios and compare material choices
    With their new product footprinting tool Mobius it is also possible to zoom in on 1 specific product and compare different scenarios. Mobius enables you to understand and improve the environmental footprint of your product, in a simple and easy-to-use online application. You can compare different materials throughout the entire life cycle of your product. 

Ecochain. Empowering sustainable change.