Innovators Network to Enable Human Rights

Advance the role of digital technology for people and society. Working together to shape the next stage of the human rights dialogue and the industry’s responsibility.

The mission of the Innovators’ Network will be to coordinate the collective capabilities of Digital Technology industry leaders, human rights organisations, policy makers, academia, and social innovators, to accelerate and scale-up the development and application of technology that enables human rights.

The objectives of the Innovators’ Network will be to enable human rights through technology and to:

  • Empower human rights defenders with enhanced ICT solutions;
  • Increase digital access, digital literacy, and the availability of the latest generations of digital technology;
  • Educate people on how to better use technology to protect their rights;
  • Enhance relationships between the human rights and ICT communities;
  • Ensure that ICT is an important force for supporting people’s rights;
  • Build the understanding of the opportunities from scaling up the adoption of innovative enabling technologies.

At the operational level, the Innovators Network will seek to advance the following activities: 

  • Connect a world-class community of human rights technology innovators and practitioners through a secure, online Stakeholder Network Platform;
  • Form multi-sector stakeholder planning councils of key leaders to drive technology solutions to address pressing human rights challenges
  • Develop clear business cases for the technology solutions;
  • Support the efforts of the Digital Technology industry to build trust regarding its own responsible behaviors.