Are these the 20 top priorities in 2020 for a digital ecosystem for Earth?

What are concrete targets in 2020 for realizing a robust and equitable digital ecosystem for the planet?

Published on: Jan 17, 2020 | Written by: Kaoru Inoue

In the wake of the new year, we have seen Australia burning, Indonesia flooding, and the global community calling for urgent climate action. Mobilizing digital technologies to address the most pressing global environmental challenges and ensure a more sustainable future may be the first step in answering this call.

It is now time to build a digital ecosystem for the planet: a set of global environmental monitoring, data-sharing, and decision-support systems to enhance precautionary, predictive, and adaptive environmental governance.

A new article, written in collaboration with experts from the environmental and digital sectors, addresses the what and the why of a digital revolution for the environment, and sets out 20 critical goals for 2020.

Read it here.

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