GeSI e and Global Sustain announce a Partnership Exchange Agreeme

The Global Enabling Sustainability Initiative and Global Sustain will work together to further sustainable development goals.

Published on: Dec 4, 1997 | Written by: Aymori Duncan

The Global Enabling Sustainability Initiative (GeSI) and Global Sustain are pleased to announce that they have signed a Partnership Exchange Agreement, meaning that they will work together to further sustainable development goals.

Global Sustain represents many investors interests, advising organisations on sustainability with a number of tailored services. Their advisory services enable investors to have a better understanding and focus on sustainability whilst improving their strategies, reporting and responsibilities. Global Sustain also provide training and stakeholder engagement to their members and partners.

By forming a Partnership Exchange Agreement, Global Sustain and GeSI seek to further sustainable development whilst opening stakeholder engagement; exposing investors and NGO’s to GeSI’s ICT enabling thought leadership projects which enable sustainable transformation. GeSI’s projects include the leading reports and tools which show the key developments in sustainable development within the ICT sector, whilst also highlighting the groundbreaking proposals to gain a better understanding of the future steps needed to address SDG targets pertaining to human rights, climate change and industry responsibility. The cross-sector collaboration will give fresh avenues to Global Sustain members seeking to strategise, invest and report on Corporate Sustainability.  

GeSI and Global Sustain will have an opportunity to closely collaborate in Global Sustain’s 4th ESG Responsible Investment & Sustainable Finance Forum 2019. The first event of the series will be held in Frankfurt on the 21 May 2019 in cooperation with SEB AB (Bank, Frankfurt Branch, Conference Centre) and the second event will be in Berlin on the 1 October 2019 in cooperation with Investment Bank Berlin (IBB Conference Centre). GeSI’s Managing Director, Luis Neves will be a keynote speaker for both events.


About GeSI

GeSI’s mission is to build a sustainable world through responsible, information and communications technology (ICT)-enabled transformation. GeSI comprises 20+ members from the world’s leading technology companies, along with dozens of partners leading efforts to advance environmental and social sustainability. GeSI is a leading source of impartial information, resources and best practices for achieving integrated social and environmental sustainability through ICT.


About Global Sustain

Global Sustain Group is an international Consulting with 13+ years market presence (GRI Data Partner, PRI, TCFD Signatory) and expertise in ESG Strategies & Models, ESG Integration, ESG Funds/Data Screening & ESG Market Intelligence, Sustainability Reporting, Sustainability Compliance & Sustainability Strategy etc. Global Sustain is headquartered in London with companies in Berlin and in Athens, an office in Brussels and affiliates in New York and Nicosia. The company is also community driven with 400+ organizations, firms as members, among others from the financial, banking and investment industries too.

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