GeSI presents #EnablingRights report at 2018 UN Forum on Business and Human Rights

On Monday 26 November, the GeSI MD Luis Neves will participate in a session on "Are tech companies a threat to human rights?"

Published on: Sep 6, 1984 | Written by: Aymori Duncan

The vast majority of human lives are touched in some way by the internet. Even if its political implications originally seemed limited to topics like freedom of speech, it is now clear from the events of the last ten years that the internet can serve as the catalyst for sweeping social movements, and that it can also fuel violence against minorities and accelerate the propagation of conspiracy theories.

Private companies can play a central role in all this. This session, following the British parliamentary debate format, will ask whether companies are a threat to human rights, tools of liberation or surveillance service providers for oppressors. Experts in the field will discuss before audience interventions and a final vote.

The GeSI MD Luis Neves will participate in this event as a speaker. This will also be the occasion for announcing the official release of the GeSI #EnablingRights report, which discusses the application of technology for human rights, and calls for an open and transparent dialogue with key stakeholders to advance progress on this issue.

For more information on the format and topic of the event, please click here.

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