Portugal joins Digital With Purpose to unite sustainability with technology

Portugal announced its participation in the Digital With Purpose Movement at the Web Summit to contribute to a sustainable digital transition.

Published on: Dec 14, 2020 | Written by: MarkEvans

Portugal joins GeSI’s Digital With Purpose initiative to unite sustainability with technology

The announcement came from André Aragão de Azevedo, the Portuguese Secretary of State for the Digital Transition, during the Web Summit 2020. "We need the green and digital agendas fully aligned," he said, stressing the importance of this strategy. "The contribution that the digital transition can make to accelerate the efficiency of processes and resource management, through technological incorporation, is essential to the sustainability and future of our economy and society".

Portugal does not want to be left out of the international movement that unites sustainability and technology and, therefore, has joined GeSI’s (Global Enabling Sustainability Initiative) Digital With Purpose initiative. The Movement is an ICT led initiative working with public, private and not-for-profit partners that share an ambition to create business value through radically accelerating the enabling power of digital technology to meet the Paris Agreement and Sustainable Development Goals, whilst minimising negative externalities that may arise. To launch the Movement with a bang, GeSI and its members worked with the Ridley Scott Creative Group as creative partner to develop the brand identity as well as a manifesto film, which premiered at Web Summit with the support of Sir Ridley Scott himself. 

Already, the Movement has the support of Portuguese Prime Minister António Costa and has attracted several leading organisations that are working together to drive the ambition and establish a clear roadmap to tackle global challenges. The outcome will lead to the official launch of the Digital With Purpose Movement on June 1st at the Digital Summit in Lisbon, during the Portuguese Presidency of the Council of the European Union. Here the leading corporation CEOs from the Movement will collectively present to governments and policy makers a formal pledge of commitment. 

“Digital Transformation is an opportunity to build a new balance between business, technological development and the respect for our fundamental rights and values. It’s an opportunity to strengthen international cooperation, working together to tackle global challenges. That is why I proudly subscribe to this “Digital With Purpose” Manifesto. It is an opportunity to create an economy that works for people. An economy with a higher purpose. Where no one is left behind,” says António Luís Santos da Costa, Prime Minister of Portugal and upcoming President of the European Union Council.

“Many countries are already realising the benefits of a 5G era, sparking exciting new possibilities for consumers and transforming the shape of virtually every business. Those that embrace the need to responsibly accelerate the impact digital technology has on society and the health of our planet will reap the rewards. Those that do not embrace the need to accelerate a purpose-led impact can expect to suffer increasing scrutiny from shareholders, regulators and consumers.” says Luis Neves, CEO GeSI.

GeSI is inviting business leaders from any sector to join the ‘Digital with Purpose’ Movement and ask themselves what role they can play in creating a better digital society through digital technology and innovation. Further information on the ‘Digital with Purpose’ Movement, including details of CEOs that have already joined can be found at www.digitalwithpurpose.org. 

For more information, please contact info@gesi.org.  


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