PRESS RELEASE: Taiwan Mobile joins the Digital with Purpose Movement

Digital with Purpose Movement welcomes Taiwan Mobile as a Member Company.

Published on: Jul 14, 2021 | Written by: Mark Evans

We are very pleased to announce that Taiwan Mobile is joining the Digital with Purpose (DwP) Movement initiated by the Global Enabling Sustainability Initiative (GeSI). 

Taiwan mobile is a leading telecom operator providing mobile, fixed-line, cable TV, and broadband services in Taiwan. The organisation is a forerunner in digital innovation, repositioning itself as a next-gen technology company that is leading the next revolution in sectors of telecommunications, Internet, media & entertainment, and e-commerce. Taiwan Mobile is firmly committed to address environmental issues, in particular by minimizing the company’s value chain’s footprint with latest technologies such as IoT, LTE, cloud and AI. The company aims to not only reducing environmental impact but to also actively create an extensive ecosystem that is more comfortable and beautiful. 

Joining the DwP Movement and partnering with GeSI is a strong step for Taiwan Mobile to further position itself as a leader in the sustainability sector. Metrics from the DwP framework covering multiple areas from digital trust and responsibility to circular economy, climate change, supply chain and digital inclusion will be a valuable asset to bring greater digital sustainability for the organization. The partnership will further support Taiwan Mobile in developing and implementing its eco-friendly strategy in all of its different fields. 

“Taiwan Mobile recognizes the urgency of solving the world’s most critical ESG issues through smart application of digital tools. We are proud to give our pledge to help move DwP forward and “Open Possible” towards a truly sustainable future with and for our stakeholders.” said Jamie Lin, President of Taiwan Mobile. Lin continues, “We are particularly disturbed by the continued acceleration of climate change, which will affect all citizens living on planet earth.  The clock is ticking.  The longer we wait to take action, the harder it is to turn things around.  Hence, Taiwan Mobile has decided to undertake further actions against it by committing to get to RE100 by 2040. Through partnering the DwP initiatives, Taiwan Mobile is joining a community of like-minded organizations across different sectors to share best practices and help each other elevate. We greatly value our partnership with DwP.  By working together, we are able to tackle sustainability issues more methodically, magnify our impacts, and bring positive influences to all mankind.”

“We are honoured to have Taiwan Mobile join the Digital with Purpose Movement,” said Luis Neves, CEO of GeSI. “The Movement provides the framework and roadmap to enable business leaders to accelerate their efforts in pursuit of a more sustainable strategy. By joining the Movement, companies like Taiwan Mobile are taking a fresh and progressive approach to how they do business. They are building for the long-term. Creating a purpose-driven business by confronting their carbon footprint, exploring smarter ways of achieving greater equality and diversity, as well as taking more responsibility for customer data, security and privacy.”


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