World Water Day 2023

Did you know that 22 March is celebrated as World Water Day every year?

Published on: Mar 22, 2023 | Written by: Varnika Srivastava

Today, 22 March is World Water Day! Water as a resource is becoming scare, and inefficient water management impacts billions of people every year. According to the UN, if water management is not significantly improved, the globe would face a 40% shortage in water supplies by 2030. As the effects of climate change shift established patterns of water supply in many countries toward new extremes of flood and drought, the scale of the challenge grows, highlighting the fact that preventing even more climate change is at the core of any practical solution to the pressures on natural resources.

A variety of technologies, including information and telecommunication technologies (ICTs), have developed during the past ten years to address the difficult task of managing this limited resource on a worldwide scale. New smart water management (SWM) solutions have been encouraged by the expanding availability of more intelligent ICT-enabled tools to manage and safeguard water resources. SWM innovations support the efficient use of water resources by coordinating water management capabilities and using ICT systems, solutions, and products. They can be used in a variety of fields (such as manufacturing and agriculture), but most significantly in urban settings. Cities and residents may collect real-time data on water quality from hundreds of locations and identify issues thanks to ICTs, particularly IoT technology.


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